Crewcall #Crewcall Shirt Untailliertes Shirt
Crewcall #Crewcall Shirt Untailliertes Shirt

#Crewcall Shirt

Untailliertes Shirt

Here you can find the #CREWCALL merch.
CREWCALL is a platform that makes it possible for those affected by the touring and event industry to at least see each other virtually in these difficult times, to exchange ideas and to experience habits such as nightliner discussions, cozy get-togethers in catering and other event-related things at least virtually.

Why the merch?
After 14 months of lockdown, the associated standstill of an entire professional branch and the non-existent prospect of a restart, the air has not only become thinner, no, it has also been taken from many. There are many fighters who defend themselves with all legal means against the actions of many offices and complain. These people need help because they are fighting not just for themselves but for the entire industry. Above all Dany Rau, the veteran of the touring industry. We want to support Dany in his fight. After deducting the production costs, all income from the sale of merchandise goes directly to an aid fund to cover Dany's litigation costs.

How and when do you get your merch.
We will only produce the merch after you have placed your order. You have until 05/31/21 to order the articles. Only then do we go into production. If there are no further corona-related failures, you will have your orders with you at the end of June. Thank you for your support, your Crewcall team

25,00 EUR